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Our Services

Our clients appreciate our competent advice addapted to each individual clients' demands with the target of tax optimisation.


The TAXCOACH team provides services for different groups of clients:


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  • National and international Tax Planning and Structuring

  • Corporate Reorganisations - Transformations, Mergers, Separations

  • Company Succession

  • Company Reconstructions

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Management Buyouts (MBOs), Leveraged Management Buyouts (LMBOs)

  • National und international Changes of Domicile

  • Tax Agreements with Tax Authorities (Tax Rulings)

  • Employee Incentive Plans (Employee Stock Plans, Employee Option Plans, Phantom Stocks, Bonus Plans)

  • Tax Opinions

  • Company Valuations

  • Year End Tax Consulting

  • Calculation of Tax Provisions

  • Tax Returns, Objections

  • Withholding Tax

  • Stamp Taxes (Stamp Duty, Securities Turnover Tax)

  • VAT

  • Due Diligence

  • Transferpricing

  • etc.

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  • National and international Tax Planning and Structuring

  • Lump Sum Tax Agreements / Change of Domicile to Switzerland

  • Successions

  • Swiss and foreign Source Taxes

  • International Expatriation

  • Tax Returns, Objections

  • Tax Calculations

  • Inheritance and Gift Taxes

  • Real Estate Gains Tax and Real Estate Turnover Tax

  • etc.

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Foundations / Associations

  • Tax Planning

  • Taxation of Foundations and Associations

  • Charitable Foundation / Tax Exemption Status

  • Family Foundations

  • Foundations Set Ups

  • Consulting of Foundations' Bodies

  • etc.

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Collective Investment Schemes

  • Taxation of Investors (Institutional Investors and Individuals)

  • Tax Analyses and Evaluation

  • etc.

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  • Financial Accounting

  • Controlling

  • Annual and Interim Financial Statements

  • Payroll Administration (Wage Calculations, AHV, Insurances, Withholding Tax, Payroll Documentation, Wage Statements)

  • VAT Statements

  • Income Source Tax Declarations

  • etc.

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